Through the application introductory screen you can view stories created by you and other users (Read), create a new story (Create) or access additional information about the EuropeanaSpace project and this user guide (About the app).


The Settings button is available on all application screens at the lower left corner (three dots icon at the lower right corner on mobile).

Use the On/Off switches on the Settings screen to enable or disable the various content sources available to search when creating a new story. Click (Tap) on the Save button to retain your changes.

A Back arrow is always available on the upper left corner to navigate away from the current screen.


To create a new story, click (tap) on the Create button from the application introductory screen or the upper left corner of the published Stories screen (bottom centre on mobile).
Creation always starts with a search in all enabled content sources by entering a query in the search field and clicking (tapping) on the Search icon.


The editing screen displays a list of all content items selected from your successive searches. These items can be re-ordered using drag and drop by clicking (tapping) on the double arrows icon of an item to select it and move it up or down the list. Any item can be removed from the list by swiping left to display a Delete button.
The story title can be entered using the text area at the top of the list. Additional text content items (think of them as text paragraphs containing your original text) can be added by clicking (tapping) on the + Add text button and entering your text. These items can also be re-ordered after saving using drag and drop.

Before publishing your story, specific text paragraphs should be selected from every text content item in your selection. These items can be expanded by clicking (tapping) on the four arrow button. A text paragraph within a text content item can then be selected by clicking (tapping) on the corresponding text (selected text paragraph is highlighted in red) and then clicking (tapping) on the + button to confirm the selection (confirmed selection is highlighted in green and a checkmark is displayed).

This process should be repeated for all text content items in your selection. When you have finished re-ordering and clearing your selection, adding new text items, selecting text paragraphs from text content items and have entered a title for your story, you can publish it by clicking (tapping) on the Publish button at the upper left corner (bottom centre on mobile).


Your story is now published and available on the application Stories screen for reading, adding to your and other users' favourites and discussing. To read a story, click (tap) anywhere on the story featured image or title. To add a story to your favourites, click (tap) on the Heart icon (this adds the story to the Favorites tab of the Stories screen). To edit one of your stories again, click (tap) on the Pencil icon (this icon is only displayed on stories that you have published). The Circle icon on each story displays the count of comments from the Discussion screen of that story. Stories with the highest count of comments are displayed in the Popular tab of the Stories screen.

After reading a story, join the discussion by clicking (tapping) on the Discuss button at the upper left corner (bottom centre on mobile).


To comment on a story and chat with other users, you need to login using your Facebook or Google account details.